How To Make Money From Your Garage

Imagine being able to make money from your garage without any extra effort? Sounds like only a dream to some but its reality to others! Times are changing, there’s more opportunities to generate an income from owning a house like Airbnb, or a car like Uber. I’m here to tell you how you can make money from just owning a garage. All there is to do is list it on a marketplace that tailors to driving customers looking to rent it for storage. This article will tell you the benefits and how easy it is in become a storage host.

Life Isn’t What It Once Was

Normal life has drastically changed during this pandemic. Many of us have had the opportunity to work from home or attend school online with no intention of going back into work or on campus. There are many of us who have not been able to work due to long shutdowns closing many small businesses. This has brought forward in today’s world the ability to seek financial opportunities online no matter what situation were in or where were at. The fortunate thing is as long as we have the internet, unused space, and constantly seek opportunities, we can always generate an income. There are many things we can’t control, but we can control how we use our current living space and the financial opportunities it brings.

What Is A Storage Host?

Think Airbnb for self-storage. A storage host is someone who lists their space on a storage marketplace such as PeerStorage  for the purpose of renting it to another individual who needs to use it for storage. Any extra space you have you are able to list it for storage. This includes an extra bedroom, garage, basement, attic, storage shed, parking space, or lawn. All you have to do is list this space, wait for a renter to send you a booking, communicate on dates and times through the service, then have them move their stuff. Their stuff will literally sit there while they pay you money. You can use the money to help pay your mortgage, bills, or Christmas gifts for the holidays. A storage host is someone who views their space as a way to generate income and in addition help the environment. Not only do storage hosts make an income, they limit the need to develop large, unpleasant, inefficient self-storage facilities in your neighborhood. Storage hosts help conserve energy and land used for storage one space at a time.

What’s In It For Renters?

Think about storing your motorcycle in a nice warm, covered garage for the winter right down the street where you are also able to access it whenever the sun comes out. The benefits for renters is being able to store their items in more convenient locations at a much cheaper price. They can literally walk or drive a short distance to access their items at any time of the day, as long as they communicate with their host. Typical self-storage facilities like Public Storage and Extra Space Storage have certain hours of the day you can access your storage unit, and are in fixed locations where you most likely have to drive a while to get to your unit. Think about how convenient it would be do de-clutter your home and find a garage for rent near your current residence at half the price of typical self-storage.

What Space Can You List?

You can list any space that you don’t use and believe someone has a need to use it. This includes a bedroom, storage shed, garage, attic, basement, parking spots, lawns, undercover areas, closet, or other rooms of your house. If you don’t use it, there is guaranteed someone in your community will pay you to use it.

How Storage Hosts Help The Environment

Typical self-storage facilities take up an enormous amount of land to develop large unwanted facilities that inefficiently use energy towards operating. Habitats and existing trees are destroyed to support these facilities, hurting the environment not only through their energy use but also through tearing down the existing environment. This is why PeerStorage has committed to donating to the National Forest Foundation for every listing and booking made through the service. Our goal is to replace the trees which have been destroyed by self-storage development.

Steps to becoming a Storage Host:

Becoming a storage host is very simple, as long as you have space. PeerStorage makes it quick and easy to build your listing with photos, and descriptions of your space. Follow the steps below and you’re on your way to making money!

  1. Take a look around your property

Take a walk around your property and determine what spaces you never use. Clear out the space and determine if it would be a space someone would be interested to rent for storage. There may be a few spaces around your property so make sure you take the time to go through your whole property.

  1. Go to and click Become A Host

It takes a few seconds to register for the service. You can even create a login with your Facebook or Gmail accounts and continue to build your listing. Registration for the service is to get to know who you are so we can pay you your storage rental money.

  1. Set Rental Rate and Period

As the storage host you are able to choose what ever rental rate and period (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly) you want to charge. We provide a suggested range of rates the storage host is able to charge per sq. ft. depending on the space size. Some people also may find it beneficial to rent daily and weekly periods for customers as opposed to long-term renters. The storage host has the power to choose.

  1. Develop Space Listing

Fill out the questions in order to feature your space. Some of the questions are relative to the type of space, access to the space, security, and when they are able to get access to their items in the space. Make sure you provide accurate answers to the questions and give the most accurate depiction of the space you are renting.

  1. Take Photos and Measurements of Space

Make sure you take some good photos which shows the full area and entrance into the space. Take measurements of the length and width so renters can decide if their stuff will fit in your space. Photos should be clear and no less than 1440 pixels.

  1. Share Your Listing!

Feel free to share your listing with friends on Facebook, Twitter, or Craigslist. The more people that know about your space, the more likely you will get a renter and start making money. We make it easy for you to share your space.

  1. PeerStorage Gives Back To The Environment

For listing your space, PeerStorage will donate two trees in your honor to the National Forest Foundation just for listing your space. We are committed to helping our environment and fighting climate change so we started the List A Space, Plant A Tree campaign. Our goal is to eliminate the land used towards self-storage development and to be the first storage service to be carbon negative.

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