Guide: How to make $1,000 in 5 minutes

Guide: How to make $1,000 in 5 minutes

Earning $1,000 in minutes does not happen overnight. However, we present to you a side hustle strategy that can help you get started earning passive income in only 5 minutes. In this article, we’ll give you a few ideas on how to make $1,000 in passive income with just a few minutes of your time. 

Figuring out how to make $1,000 in minutes sounds like a lofty goal. It might be challenging to develop a single source to make extra money unless you are a giant company’s CEO or get lucky to win the lottery.

However, having a high-paying job, you can use that cash to invest in other more passive forms of increasing your wealth. The right mixture of creativity, intelligence, hustle, and financial opportunities can help you figure out the right strategy to make money like a boss.

One smart strategy to make $1,000 within minutes is leveraging your overall efforts and what you already own. Notably, combining income opportunities with innovative money-making and money-saving moves can help you grow wealth significantly. Let us help you understand some simple yet effective ways!

What can you do with $1,000?

Making $1,000 with only 5 minutes of your time is an exciting idea. However, what can you do with earning $1,000? Let us help you find out.

  • Pay bills: $1,000 is sufficient to put a dent in all your credit card or debit card debts. The total bills in the life of a regular individual can stack up easily and quickly, ranging from household bills to electricity bills, grocery, telephone, water, gas, and mortgage or rent. It is not a wise decision to keep stacking these bills every month. As you start developing alternative income streams, this will help you get out of debt and pay your essential bills on time.
  • Invest: There are many opportunities to invest in the modern era that we live in. Depending on your preferences and investment goals, you can plan out the desired investment. Whether you choose real estate investment or stocks, trading, mutual fund investments, or something other, make sure that you have done your part of research to maximize the overall returns. Study the market and invest in the right platforms to generate the highest yields.
  • Go on vacation: Have you been planning your dream vacation for quite a long time? Need a break at some point in life? There is no denying that a vacation can be the best relaxing time that takes you away from the everyday hustle & bustle of your day-to-day life. However, no vacation is fun when you’re on a budget. If you have a dream vacation on your bucket list, make sure you save for the same in advance. Investing in a vacation plan can be the best option out there.

Top ways to make $1,000 in only 5 minutes

Perhaps you are looking for ways to earn $1000 every 5 minutes for paying off your bills, or you wish to contribute to a financial goal; we can help you with practical ways to achieve this goal. Here are some lucrative ways to look out for:

  • Rent out your lot for RV or trailer storage: Do you have a large property with vacant spaces? If you have a large backyard or lot that isn’t being utilized, you can think of renting it for trailer or RV storage. There has been a massive increase in RV sales in the pandemic, which means there is a huge demand for storage space for RV. All you need to do is list your lot on PeerStorage, and they will connect you to multiple renters that are willing to store their RV or trailer. You can store a single RV for about $200 a month, depending on the geographical area and how close the space is to the city. If you have a large piece of land, you can easily fit 5 – 10 RVs and generate $1,000 – $2,000 per month of passive income. There is nothing easier than having your neighbors store an RV or trailer on your vacant property.
Guide: How to make $1,000 in 5 minutes - RV storage

Using your extra space as a rental unit for a trailer or RV can deliver a convenient option for a local RV owner without any difficulties for you. Setting up and managing the listing is easier with PeerStorage. This implies that you can get extra income practically without any effort. Making use of the unused space could not be easier. Your neighbors will only thank you.

  • Rent out your bedroom or basement on Airbnb: Renting out your places on sites like Airbnb can be a great way to make some extra cash using your existing asset –your home. Airbnb hosts tend to make a handsome amount of money by renting out their entire property or portions of the property like bedrooms or basements to such sites. As you start receiving bookings for Airbnb rentals, you can think of increasing your sources of passive income on the go.
  • Rent out your basement for storage: You can now save money, make passive income, and rent peer-to-peer storage by utilizing your vacant basement space with PeerStorage. The peer-to-peer storage solutions offered by PeerStorage help connect property owners with unused space on their property with people in your neighborhood.
  • Get lucky with meme stocks: Meme stocks have been quite a rage amongst retail investors since the advent of the global pandemic. Meme Stocks are generated when the shares of a company shoot up with individual investors on leading social media platforms like Reddit. These stocks instantly skyrocket in the overall price creating a massive return on investment. Therefore, if you wish to double up your passive income, you can invest in meme stocks like AMC, DOGE coin, GME, and Shiba Inu. These stocks can be great if you get in before they pump and get out before they dump. This is not investment advice, and you should always do your research before investing.
  • Sell stuff on OfferUp: Selling on OfferUp is an innovative way to earn passive income. In this shop, you can sell under a wide range of categories, including home décor, camping equipment, stationery, furniture, baby items, and so more. It is an innovative platform to help local buyers find discounted and used items easily.

What can PeerStorage do for you?

PeerStorage is a peer-to-peer self-storage marketplace wherein individuals with unused spaces like a garage, basement, lot, or a bedroom can rent out the space to someone searching for affordable and convenient storage spaces in the neighborhood. As locals can rent out their vacant, unused spaces for storage, it helps generate an extra source of income quickly.


It’s easier than ever to get started generating passive income online with little time investment. If you realize what you already have, such as your property, it’s super easy to take a few minutes to find people that need to use it. If you are looking for innovative ways to earn $1,000 in 5 minutes or so, taking help from a reliable peer-to-peer storage marketplace as PeerStorage can help.

Everything is coming more online, especially due to COVID shutdowns. It’s easy to Google search for storage facilities and spot them on your drive to the grocery store. Search for storage units on Sparefoot, PeerStorage, or and find the storage space near you with the requirements you need!

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