Guide to Listing Your Storage Space

Setting Up Your Storage Host Profile

Welcome to PeerStorage! Where you can start earning extra money per day, week, or month by taking 5 minutes to list your unused space. We pride ourselves on providing a quick and easy way to list your space and generating extra income.

You can also check out our YouTube video stepping you through the process to become a host. Check it out here: How To Become a Host on PeerStorage

Here are 10 easy steps to get started:

Step 1) Login to Your PeerStorage Account

You should have already registered for an account. Use your username and password (sent to your email) in order to log back into your account. This should take you to your dashboard where you will handle everything about your listing, payments, and your profile.

Step 2) User Dashboard “Add New Listing”

Once you log in to your account it will take you to your user dashboard. Here you can view everything you have done on the website as a host or as a renter. On the left-hand side, click on the “Add New Listing”.

Step 3) Set Your Rental Rate & Period

Determine what rental period (time) you would like to set for your listing. This is the period which people can rent your space and the period which they pay you. For example, if you select “Week”, then the rental rate will be dependent on a weekly basis. Typically, self-storage is on a per-month rental period.

If you would like your listing to have several rental periods, you may do so by creating multiple listings for the different rental periods and rates you prefer. You may have the same space listed with multiple rental periods so renters have a choice.

Step 4) Fill Out Basic Description of Your Space

On the next page you can describe the basic information about your listing. This includes the type of space, space description, how to access the space, set specific access times, and provide information where renters can determine if this is the right space for them. The more descriptive spaces are usually the ones that get rented first!

Step 5) Set Your Rental Rate & Pricing Information

Set your rental rate to a reasonable price so you can attract the most renters. The rental rate will be dependent on the rental period you selected in Step 3. Your renters will be charged the rental rate as frequently as the rental period you set. For example, if your rental period is monthly and your rental rate is $75, you will receive $75 (minus fees) every month the renter store’s with you.

Instant booking: this allows renters to reserve their space without the host’s acceptance. It just makes it quick and easy for renters to book spaces without waiting on the host to see and accept the reservation.

Extra Services Price: This is if you want to charge your renters for other fees that aren’t included in PeerStorage’s fees such as cleaning, or other services needed for the rental. If you don’t have anything to add, feel free to leave this field blank.

Step 6) Add High-Quality Photos

This is where you get to use your photography skills! Try and take the highest quality photos you can to show off your space. We recommend taking photos from different viewpoints such as from the entrance viewing into the space, and from inside the space looking towards the entrance. You are able to upload as many photos as you would like but we suggest at least 3 quality photos work best. Add photo sizes with a minimum of 1440 x 900 pixels will give you the highest quality appearance.

Step 7) List More Space Features

Next, you will be able to select from a list of basic safety features your listing offers. If your space has security systems or smoke detectors here is where you can list those features.

Step 8) Space Address

You may list your address in a few different ways. The most important part is to move the balloon on the map to where your listing is located, or type in your space’s latitude and longitude coordinates. This will allow for people to know the general area in which your space is located. You may also add in the address, city, and zip code. For privacy reasons, you can leave out your house number and put your street number or street name.

Step 9) Minimum & Maximum Rental Periods

You may set your rental period limits per renter. If you don’t want a renter that only stays for 1 month, then set your minimum rental period to get longer-term customers. If you don’t want a renter staying for an extended period of time, set your maximum rental period to shorter term period.

Step 10) Submit & Wait For Approval!

Your space has officially been submitted, congratulations!! Once your space has been approved by the admins, you will be on your way to making money from your storage space. PeerStorage will start promoting and managing your space to find storage renters in your area.


Now you’re on your way to making passive income from the space you never used! Now that you have listed your space, feel free to take advantage of our referral program by telling your friends, family, and neighbors to list their spaces! The more we connect neighborhoods and communities the more people will benefit from listing their spaces!


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