How The Airbnb for Storage Space Is Changing Homeownership

Airbnb for storage space

PeerStorage – the right choice for homeowners to generate extra income, and for renters to find the perfect storage for cheap!

PeerStorage is an online storage and parking marketplace that call’s itself the “Airbnb for storage”, allowing hosts to generate passive income by utilizing their property to make money renting their extra bedrooms, closets, storage shed, garage, RV parking, or parking spaces.

Not only that, you can find convenient and cheap storage nearest you in your neighborhood.

With over 128 million homes in the U.S and 1 out of 10 people in need of storage, this Airbnb for storage start-up just might be the service you’ve been waiting for.

Can Your Home Make You Money?

A house is an incredible asset, dream, and a safe haven for all of us. The best seller book Rich Dad Poor Dad’s author, Robert T Kiyosaki however disagrees a bit on a house being an asset

Unless you have come into riches or a lucky lottery winner, chances are you have taken a sizable mortgage from the bank to help finance your property. Every homeowner wants to quickly pay off their down payments, debts, and mortgages.

Numerous maintenance jobs required for upkeep also add up to the associated expenses of owning a property. Given these facts, a house is also a liability that provides you the necessary place to live, but can also drain your pocketbooks. 

But, can your house help you to pay for itself or even make you money? Yes, it can. In the words of Rich Dad Poor Dad’s author, Robert T Kiyosaki, “Turn your house into an asset” that will put money back in your pocket or help pay the cost for owning the asset. 

If you have to make one smart financial decision in 2021 to cushion your savings, help pay for your next vacation or the mortgage, list your unused spaces on PeerStorage. It is the modern solution to all the problems of the storage space economy.

As Airbnb changed the vacation and hotelling industry, PeerStorage seeks to be the Airbnb for storage to change the storage industry. 

       Have your kids moved out to college or work? 

       Do you not use that guest house anymore?

       Is the old attic mostly lying unoccupied?

Put that unused space to work and let them generate income for you while you sleep. Many renters are looking for convenient storage spaces and finding great listings at PeerStorage

PeerStorage is 100% safe and secure. All the transactions are prepaid, trusted, and verified. You can rely upon the renters to be cordial, reasonable, and cooperative.

What kind of spaces can you list on PeerStorage?

Any indoor unused space that can be used to store goods and not used by residents and any outdoor space can be listed. A few examples are:

  • Garage
  • Bedroom
  • Closet
  • RV parking
  • Driveway
  • Lot
  • Parking pad
  • Attic
  • Basement 
  • and whatever creative space you can think of

Airbnb vs. PeerStorage

PeerStorage is the Airbnb for storage, but in many ways, it is a better choice than Airbnb. Here is a comparison of benefits:

The airbnb for storage space is PeerStorage

As a homeowner, you can list multiple spaces in your house to supplement your income. For example, you could have an extra garage, room as well as closet listed and rented at the same time for renters.

Homeowners can generate income streams from multiple spaces without the hassle of dealing with a tenant and cleaning up after that tenant.

In just a few clicks you can have your space listed on PeerStorage. Add a few pics, fill in the information about the space, and the PeerStorage team will work to find appropriate renters for all their listings.  

Notably, PeerStorage is a socially committed and ecologically responsible enterprise. 

Let’s learn how they are accomplishing their mission.

More than a million servicemen and women per year are deployed within the United States and to other countries every year.

They can be deployed for anywhere from a week to over an entire year, and oftentimes are extended on short notice. During this time, it is extremely difficult to find a reliable and affordable location for service members to store their personal belongings.

PeerStorage offers an official marketplace to connect Military Service Members to one another and make those being deployed feel more comfortable and at ease when leaving possessions behind when deployed.

Renting out storage spaces such as garages, rooms, closets, and parking spots for those deployed, from others who have experienced deployments, is the ultimate relationship built on trust, respect, and brotherhood.

PeerStorage is committed to providing affordable storage to the U.S. Armed Forces while allowing military families hosting on the platform to make an extra income in a secure manner. If you are a veteran, you are eligible for discount offers from the PeerStorage platform.

PeerStorage is environmentally conscious and contributes to climate change relief, the team plants trees for every listing and booking. Listing unused spaces in residents’ houses is much better for the environment rather than commercial development by the storage industry which is adversely affecting our forested lands.

While the storage industry is destroying trees and environments for every facility they develop, PeerStorage is contributing to re-plant those trees for every listing on their website. 

PeerStorage has pledged to plant trees for every new listing or booking through our service with our partnership with the National Forest Foundation. Not only will your listing make you money, it will also help our fundraising goal to raise $10,000 for the National Forest Foundation.

We can stop the expansion of self-storage facilities in our area if we open up our homes and unused storage to needed customers. As a perk, people who rent their space will be generating income! Our homes are the most efficient and environmentally beneficial storage solution. Let’s help save the Earth one small space at a time!



To recap, financial security and independence are your best bets for aiding a happy life. You can either list it on Airbnb and have to clean up after guests time and time again, or you can list your unused space on the Airbnb for storage, PeerStorage!

So, it’s time to do a bit of spring cleaning this week! Clean out that extra closet or garage, click a few great pictures and hop on to PeerStorage to host spaces for storage. Extra money is coming your way.

How will you use the extra money from listing on PeerStorage? 

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