The Ultimate Guide to Self-Storage in Seattle, Washington

The Ultimate Guide to Self-Storage in Seattle, Washington

Speaking about Seattle, this is a well-known seaport city that is located on the United States West coast. With a population of more than 800,000, this has become the largest city in the Pacific Northwest region as well as in the state of Washington. On the other hand, the population in the Seattle metropolitan area is around 4.02 million.

Talking about the economy of Seattle, Washington, is significantly driven by a combination of old industrial companies and new modern technology companies. And the number of companies is also increasing every year.

With this, the requirements for quality self-storage facilities in Seattle are also growing. This may vary from one location to another. If you are new to the city and looking for affordable Seattle self-storage, you should go through this complete guide on the self-storage options available in Seattle.

Costs of Storage in Seattle, Washington

As per the expert, you can always opt for a reliable self-storage facility in Seattle if you want to keep your goods or valuable items safe. Both homeowners and business owners can take advantage of this facility.

However, before you rent a self-storage in Seattle, it will be better for you to have an idea about the costs of renting different self-storage options. Here is some vital information that can help you with this.

Climate-Controlled Self-Storage

Well, as the demand for a climate-controlled storage option is more, you may find it a little costlier than other storage options. It may cost you around $250 and more in Seattle, Washington. Prefer to book one in advance.

5×5 Self-Storage

This is a perfect option for keeping boxes, personal items, important business items, tall objects, and more. It can cost you around $50 to $100 per month.

5 x 10 Self-Storage

With the size and increased demand for this type of unit, the cost of the self-storage unit will be pretty high per sq. ft. That’s why when you book a 5×10 self-storage, it may cost around $90 to $180 every month. These can be used to store a bicycle, furniture pieces, and more.

10×10 and 10×20 Self-Storage Units

If you want to store goods in your house, then opt for a 10×10 or 10×20 square feet self-storage unit that will be an ideal option for you. The cost can vary from $200 to  $250 per month in Seattle, Washington.

Parking Spaces

Such spaces will cost you more in Seattle, and they can range between $280 to $300. However, when you choose a reliable company for Seattle self-storage, you may find some attractive deals.

RV Storage Units

Such storage units are quite popular among RV or luxurious car owners. Their cost may range from $200 to $300 based on the unit’s features.

If you search properly, you can find some trusted storage unit providers in Seattle who can offer you the best and most modern self-storage facilities in Seattle at the best prices.

Cost of Self-Storage Units In Different Major Areas

Capital Hill

For this area, a climate control self-storage unit will be a perfect option for you. The cost can range between $200 to $300.


If you are shifting to Ballard, then renting an RV storage unit can be a good option. There you can find one under $500 per month.


As the area lacks parking spaces, renting a parking space will be very useful if you are traveling to Georgetown. The average monthly cost can vary from $280 to $350 based on the service provided.


As the weather frequently changes here, renting a climate-controlled self-storage unit will be the best. You may expect to pay around $300 per month for this.


Security Features of Self-Storage Seattle

Most people opt for self-storage in Seattle to safely store their valuable goods and collections. To make sure it can keep your goods safe for as long as you want, make sure that the storage unit has some modern and advanced security features.

For example, a good self-storage unit will come equipped with alarm systems, electronic lock mechanisms, video surveillance, and more. But with more security features, the cost will also increase.

Typical Access of Storage In Seattle, Washington

Drive-up or Outdoor Storage Access

In Seattle, there is more demand for an outdoor storage unit with a drive-up facility as people can easily access these units. These are very easy to use. Pull up the truck near the storage unit, and you are ready.

Indoor Access

Are you looking for a self-storage unit with an indoor access feature? Well, you will find a lot of options in Seattle. These units are located inside a premise and much safer than other options.

Your valuable items will remain safe from rain, heat, and other elements. A climate-controlled storage unit is a perfect example of indoor access storage.

Different Types of Renters In Seattle Who Can Go for Self-Storage Units

People Moving to Seattle

If you are moving to Seattle and looking for a reliable storage option, then you will never go wrong with this. You can store anything you want. However, if you want to keep perishable items, go for a climate-controlled self-storage unit.

Business Owners

Whether you want to store your important business documents or you are looking for good storage space for a few months, self-storage Seattle can meet all your requirements. But choose an experienced self-storage facility provider to enjoy maximum benefits.

To Store Household Goods

If you want to store your costly collectible items, painting, or other things in a place that can be affected by theft, moisture, or rain, then get a self-storage unit now on a monthly basis in Seattle. This is a cost-effective option compared to constructing new storage space in your house.

To Store Your RV

Self-storage units are the perfect storage option for storing commercial vans, trailers, boats, motorcycles, RVs, and more. While renting one, don’t forget to compare the costs to save you money, as the cost will vary based on the size and features the RV storage unit has.

Solve Your Storage Requirements In Seattle With Affordable Self-Storage Units

The Seattle housing market is growing at a higher rate, and this has also increased the demand for secure and reliable storage units in the city. But many storage service providers have come forward to meet these requirements by offering affordable yet high-quality self-storage in Seattle.

After going through this detailed guide, it will be a lot easier for you to rent a self-storage unit under your budget. All you need to understand your storage requirements and what types of items you want to store.

The options are more in Seattle. But work with a reliable service provider to enjoy peace of mind as your goods will remain safe for as long as you want.

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