8 Reasons You Need Self-Storage

Do you need self-storage?

Amazon Prime Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, Holidays, End of the year sale! They all have one thing in common… Low prices on everything! Urging consumers to buy as many deals as possible to capture all the savings, not only for themselves, but for their friends, and family. The November – December time frame is where companies make a fortune on consumers taking advantage of the savings, and Americans tend to accumulate more and more stuff. This happens like clock-work year after year, with more deals popping up around this time because companies have shaped this consumer market knowing people will be shopping.

Come January after the deals and shopping have settled people are left with one decision… what do they do with all that stuff?

Not only that, throughout the year life events cause us to manage our stuff in different ways. Here are reasons why you or your family will need self-storage, and an eco-friendly solution to your storage needs.

1) Moving

In the past year you may have gotten a new job, moved across the country, started a family, kicked your kids out to live on their own, or moved to the area you wish to retire. Every year people go through life events which all cause the need to find short- or long-term storage for your extra stuff. Humans are meant to migrate to locations that fit their needs which creates the necessity for storage.

Due to COVID, companies have allowed people to work from home and many have realized they can perform their job anywhere in the country. Companies are giving people the opportunities to work from home long after the pandemic ends which means people now have the freedom to work where ever they so choose. More people are moving out of cities, moving to sunny areas, and more remote locations in search for more privacy. The pandemic has caused a rise in moving increasing the need to store your stuff.

2) Renovating Your Home

Since more people are working from home during the pandemic, people are starting the house projects they’ve never been able to get done while working in an office. People are home more often; renovation and DIY projects have spiked in 2020. You’re able to get the kitchen you’ve always wanted! Although, this creates the need to move furniture or kitchen appliances to make room for construction. As homeowners, we would rather not store this stuff throughout the house, but rather in a safe storage place.

3) Change in Relationship Status

This pandemic has brought many challenges and changes, especially in the relationship department. Quarantining with your partner can be hard and may have pushed you apart rather than brought you closer together. Or maybe with a decrease in social activities you have met that special someone you can spend the rest of your life with. For what ever reason, you may have relocated due to a change in relationship status. This may have caused you to downsize while keeping all your stuff, or doubled your stuff by moving in with your partner. This sudden change in relationship status has created unforeseen needs to manage your stuff and put some in storage. The only decision you need to make is who’s stuff is going in storage!

4) Business Inventory

According to the 2020 Self-Storage Almanac, storage for business makes up 20% of all the self-storage customers. Retailers may need to store excess inventory that wasn’t sold over the holiday sales events, law firms may need to store documents or records they need to keep, service companies may need to store equipment they use to provide their services, and other companies may have a need to store excess stuff like office furniture. What ever the need is, companies need storage.

5) Simply Running Out of Space

As mentioned above, the holiday season brings lots of joy… and a lot of new stuff. Once the holiday season ends and we come back to reality we usually have to make a decision of where all the new or old stuff goes. The amount of space we have is fixed unless we physically move or start DIY projects to construct new storage. We are constantly finding new ways to organize and manage our stuff but we quickly find the amount of living space we own is limited. Over the years you may realize that you’re running out of living space and some stuff that isn’t used as often has to be stored somewhere else.

6) Economic Growth

The reason why America needs self-storage is because we have a lot of stuff. We have a lot of stuff because we have the money to consume things we only periodically need as America is the largest consumer economy in the world. Our economy has been the strongest for decades with high employment and constant cash flow. We have enjoyed the results of our hard work so why not spend our money on the things we want and deserve? As our economy continuously holds strong, over time we continuously accumulate more and more stuff. The self-storage industry started to boom in the 1970s as a result of a continuously great economy. Our population and wealth have greatly expanded, average home size has doubled since 1950, and the amount of stuff we own has greatly increased. The average amount of stuff in an average American home is around 300,000 items. If you bought one item a day, it would take you 822 years to accumulate all that stuff. No wonder America has 52,786 self-storage facilities… which is 5x more than the whole world combined!

7) College

During the summer months college students typically go home or off to an internship across the country. This drives a large demand for storage over the summer months. International college students especially need storage as they don’t have anywhere to stache their stuff after the school year is over because they can’t just fly it back home. College life brings many new responsibilities, taking care of the stuff you accumulate through your years of living is definitely something students don’t often plan for. College students are looking for the cheapest storage space available as they’re usually on a strict budget. A service like PeerStorage is just the place to find low-cost storage on college campuses. Featured storage in college towns and neighborhoods is perfect for college students going away for the summer months.

8) Seasonal Changes

We all get out the Christmas decorations for the month of December, then come January we put them back in storage for the next 11 months. This is an ongoing cycle year after year which is always a pain while our seasonal goods take up most of our home storage space. Wouldn’t it be nice to store your seasonal goods at your neighbor’s house for 11 months out of the year? If there is no reason to have them at home for most of the year, it would be nice to use that storage for things you may need more frequently.

Storage Solution

Just imagine you are renovating your bedroom and need a place to store your clothes, bed, and dressers. You don’t want to haul your stuff to a storage facility 30 minutes away to just access your jackets for the winter. Might as well keep them at your neighbor’s house just down the road to conveniently access them when you really need it!

This is where PeerStorage comes in. PeerStorage is an online marketplace for people who need to find the perfect, low cost, and convenient storage solution. We will find a conveniently located storage option in your area so you don’t have to worry about it. We are bringing storage to your neighborhood by allowing homeowners to list their unused spaces such as a garage, basement, lot, storage shed, bedroom, or attic. Homeowners who extra space can make extra money by listing it on PeerStorage. Just because you can’t keep all your stuff in your home doesn’t mean you don’t need to access it frequently; you will be able to access your stuff conveniently when you need it.

Not only that, but PeerStorage is the only eco-storage solution in America. We are a proud partner of the National Forest Foundation, giving back to help our environment. For every new listing and booking through our site, we will plant two (2) trees in your honor. Our goal is to not only provide the safest, low cost, and trusted storage service, but to also give back to our environment on tree at a time!

If you are a homeowner that would like to make some extra cash, make sure you become a host to start making extra cash! If you are in need or storage, please login to our website and start searching for your perfect storage solution!


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