Top 11 Storage Unit Locks for 2022

Top 11 Storage Unit Locks for 2022

Finding the proper storage unit lock is a balancing act – the safest, bulkiest lock might be prohibitively expensive, or not the right fit for your unit, but the cheapest option might not give you the protection your valuables need.

We looked for the top 11 storage unit locks of 2022 that strike a balance between effective, affordable, durable, and more. Our list ranks from top to bottom the all-around best to the ‘still great, with drawbacks’ and chooses models that fit specific storage needs.

The All-Around Top Storage Unit lock of 2022 (Our Recommendation)

Top 11 Storage Unit Locks for 2022

 ABUS Diskus Stainless Steel Padlock

The effective security features of the ABUS 20/70 combined with a mid-range price that doesn’t sacrifice effectiveness. Made by one of Germany’s world’s top security firms, ABUS goes beyond your standard padlock without adding unnecessary costs.

Price: $43.29

Top Lock for Outdoor Exposure

Top 11 Storage Unit Locks for 2022

Master Lock 911DPF Heavy Duty Outdoor Padlock

As the name suggests, this lock is designed to last a long time in the elements. The Master Lock 911DPF has a weatherproof body covering a 5-pin cylinder and dual ball-bearing locking mechanism. The best choice for long-term, outdoor storage.

Price: $20.54

Best Cheap and Light Model

Top 11 Storage Unit Locks for 2022

Puroma Combination Lock 4 Digit Outdoor Waterproof Padlock

Not everything needs to be locked down like a bunker. For possessions where you’re willing to sacrifice some security for a cheaper lock that’s easier to carry around with you, the Puroma offers the best cheap lock that won’t jam as soon as you unbox it, won’t break the bank either, and won’t weigh a ton.

The combination lock is resettable and designed to be easily visible from all angles, which tends to be a drawback with combination locks.

Price: $8.99

Best Lock for Sheer Strength (When Price Doesn’t Matter)

Top 11 Storage Unit Locks for 2022

Medeco M3 5/16″ Shrouded Boron Padlock

This is simply a beast of a lock. The Medeco advertises itself as ‘virtually pick proof’ and is as tough as it gets for a padlock. It’s built to defend against every type of invasion from drilling, picking, and cutting attacks. The price is the highest on our list, but you get what you pay for in terms of security.

Price: $101.41

Top Combination Lock

Top 11 Storage Unit Locks for 2022

BRINKS 173-80051 Stainless Steel Resettable Combination Discus Padlock

The benefits of not worrying about losing a key make combination locks a good choice for those with good memories. Are you more likely to lose a key or lose the code?

A combination lock is probably the better option for the brainy types, and the BRINKS 173-80051 can also be reset if your memory fails you.

Some of the less well-made combination locks can start to stick over time and eventually become unusable, which the designers at BRINKS have taken pains to address.

Price: $16.97

Top Waterproof Long Handle Lock

Top 11 Storage Unit Locks for 2022

WANLIAN 5-Position Combination Padlock

Long handle locks are good for difficult-to-reach clasps, which can be a frequent problem with outdoor storage spaces. The cast metal body is anti-rust, and a plated steel and hardened zinc alloy provide anti-cutting features.

The downside of the extended handle latch is that it’s very exposed to cutting attacks, and it’s essential to choose a sturdy version of a long handle lock.

Price: $15.99

Best Disc Lock Model

Top 11 Storage Unit Locks for 2022

Master Heavy Duty Outdoor Shrouded Padlock

A disc lock is easy to transport and arguably more secure than square padlocks against cutting, owing to the circular shape, which hides the shackle better than the alternative models.

The Master Heavy Duty has all the advantages of a disc lock with attention to detail like a rubber covering for the keyhole. It uses a four-pin cylinder to protect against picking.

Price: $18.98

Top Affordable High-End Model

Top 11 Storage Unit Locks for 2022

Stanley Hardware S828-160 CD8820 Shrouded Hardened Steel Padlock

The Stanley S828-160 is the cheapest high-end lock that goes above and beyond what the lower-grade models provide but isn’t prohibitively expensive.

Designed to be near the top of the company “security rating” while still being affordable, it’s a solid mid-range choice with a fully shrouded, hardened steel body, 6-pin cylinder with anti-pick pins, and a patented anti-drilling keyway cover.

Price: $44.99

Best Smart Key Padlock

Top 11 Storage Unit Locks for 2022

Kwikset 026SMT STD SHKL PDL 50MM 50mm Smart Key Padlock

The Kwikset is all about ensuring you never lose access to your possessions – with a number of features that allow you to access your padlock if you lose your key, as well as features that prevent you from locking your key inside your storage unit, it’s a great choice when ensuring access is your top priority.

Price: $21.32

Top Sturdy Model (And Coolest Looking)

Top 11 Storage Unit Locks for 2022

Kurtzy Heavy Duty Padlock

This is a heavy-duty option that’s also cheap. It’s one of the heavier models on our list, and at over two pounds, it’s relatively bulky and cumbersome to deal with. The hardened steel and rectangular design with minimum latch exposure make the lock bulky but also makes it strong, and it’s one of the cheaper models in its category.

Price: $21.99

Best Lock for Easy Use

Top 11 Storage Unit Locks for 2022

DAYGOS 4 Digit Combination Disc Padlock

The DAYGOS 4 is a cheap, standard outdoor lock, but its manufacturers made the combination dials and locking mechanisms extremely easy to use, and the easy sliding also holds up over time, aided by waterproof and rustproof stainless steel.

Attention to detail, such as sliding buttons that won’t scratch your fingers, makes this a good budget choice when you’re planning to frequently go in and out of your storage space.

Price: $13.99


While a normal padlock will work for a storage unit, the top storage unit locks of 2022 are perfect for the job due to their extra security features, greater resilience in outdoor weather, or designs well-suited to accessing a storage unit.

When choosing the right storage unit lock, consider the level of security required for what you’re storing, the level of risk you’re willing to take compared to the price you’re willing to pay, and how often you’ll be accessing your belongings.  

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