How to Find Storage Units Near Me – The Ultimate Guide

How to find storage units near me – The ultimate guide

Is your home brimming with unnecessary furnishings, clutter, and sentimental items? Is your HOA forcing you to move your RV and store it somewhere else? It might be the right time to invest in a top-quality storage space near you. Continue reading this guide for tips and tricks on how to find storage units near you!

There is no denying that a storage unit is one of the most effective ways to cut down on the clutter in your home. It also helps deliver ideal solutions for those who wish to permanently or temporarily store belongings before or during the moving process.

The convenience and comfort of renting a reliable storage unit or storage space are hard to match. A majority of self-storage units enable customers to rent a space on a monthly or yearly basis. Most of them also offer limited access such that customers need to plan their drop-off and access their belongings as per the facility’s requirements.

When searching for “Storage units near me,” you should find the one that explicitly fits your specific requirements related to space size, price, access times, and security features.

How to Find Storage Spaces

When you wish to store your belongings or valuable items in a self-storage space, it’s challenging to find a suitable storage space to fulfill your exact requirements.

Locating and booking the right self-storage unit or facility that is safe, easily accessible, climate-controlled, and affordable has become easier than ever before. Here are some easy ways to come across the right storage space:

Online: Several online marketplaces exist with various spaces and platform functionalities. With the single touch of a button or a call, you can book the storage unit of your choice online. All you are required to do is visit the storage marketplace’s official website, input your information, process payment, and you’re all set to move in! The marketplace that works best for finding storage spaces online:

You can narrow your search based on specific requirements and preferences to find the best storage space that works for you in your area. You can either call, email, or message the space owner directly through the platform to book the storage space.

Driving: Another lucrative way to choose the right storage space is by driving around in your area and seeing street signs. As you drive around, you can get a detailed overview of the facilities’ security, access times, and drop-off areas.

If you end up finding one you like, you can stop by and ask questions directly with a facility representative. You can even search on a map on your phone ahead of going out to drive around so you can map out the specific localized storage facilities.

What is Important When Choosing Your Storage Space?

Are you renting a storage space for the first time? Do you require climate control? What storage unit size is the best option for you? You can consider the following factors while choosing the best storage space for your requirements:

Location and Convenience: Think about how and when you will require going to the facility while determining the best-ever location for your needs. The best location for you will differ depending on why you are choosing a storage unit. If you require less clutter and more space in your home, storage space on your way home or close to your home will be the ideal option.

If you are moving to a new home and leveraging storage spaces for the transition, somewhere near your new home would make more sense. In case your business is looking for storage that you will need to access every day, storage near your business would be the obvious choice.

Price: Several aspects go into the pricing of a storage unit. These include the facility’s location, size of the storage unit, specialized amenities like climate control, security, accessibility, and demand in that area. As you start your search for the best storage unit in your area, understanding your budget will simplify deciding on the storage unit and location that make sense for you.

Some additional factors that ultimately add to the overall cost:

  • Minimum time requirements
  • Sign-up or admin fees
  • Long-term or short-term contracts
  • Protection plan / Insurance through the facility
  • Accepts mail/packages for tenants
  • The occupancy rate of that particular storage unit in that area

Security: The security features are most likely the essential factor when choosing a storage space. As you search for the right facilities, you should inquire whether or not there is in-person surveillance or video monitoring for the units, the type of lock needed, and the fencing around the facility. Moreover, when you attend the facility ahead of time, you should ensure that it is adequately lit with good lighting in and around the space. It will ensure your safety when you are accessing your belongings.

How to Reserve Your Storage Space?

Are you in search of the right storage space in your neighborhood? You should reserve the same in advance to be assured of the best results. Some important steps to follow are:

Search for the right online storage marketplace offering access to information about local storage spaces in your area

  • Look for the right neighborhood wherein you require storage space.
  • Look for the right amenities that you need in storage space.
  • Contact the property owner or facility to know about the vacancy.
  • Make reservations by following the desired steps.

Self-storage Facilities

When you are searching for the right self-storage facilities in your locality, here are some tips:

  • Make sure they have an online booking process
  • Look out for the desired storage space size as per your requirements
  • Reserve the storage space in advance

Airbnb for Storage

It may come as a surprise, but some people own space for which they have no use. This space may be considered a closet, driveway, basement, or parking pad on the side of their home. If you think about it, it’s more secure, has a better climate, and is a more environmentally friendly way of storing your stuff. PeerStorage is a marketplace or platform like Airbnb for storage space that can be a great concept in this scenario.

What is Airbnb for Storage?

Airbnb for storage space can connect property owners with dedicated unused spaces to have individuals rent online who need a storage unit for storing their belongings. Hosts can look forward to promoting the home spaces by including details and pictures on the online marketplace. PeerStorage will help renters negotiate pricing for each space and help safely connect renters to properties in your area.

PeerStorage strives to be an on-demand marketplace solution for pairing individuals with additional storage space to rent out and individuals who require the same in the given neighborhood. Renters could be people who unknowingly acquired more stuff, students, or any other individual who might have recently moved into the area and need to store the belongings.

The need for such a solution is more than ever before as the need for storage increases while specific needs of renters also get more specific. The given market segment is revealing promising results.

What types of spaces are available?

Based on the peer-to-peer model, Airbnb spaces allow neighbors to connect with people who wish to let out their vacant or unutilized spaces with people looking for extra storage spaces to store their stuff. There are several types of spaces available that individuals can book right away. These are:

Garage Storage: A garage is one of the largest spaces available in the Airbnb storage market that is used as additional storage or parking spaces. If you’re looking to store a vehicle, furniture, or outdoor stuff, consider keeping it in a neighbor’s available garage space for a few months. This would be perfect if you live in an apartment, condo, or a city like Seattle with limited space with surrounding neighborhoods with extra unused garages.

Storage lots: Do you need to store an RV, trailer, vehicle, or tractor-trailer? Find available storage spaces in your area by searching PeerStorage storage listings. Storage lots or large pieces of land on someone’s property is a great and safe way to store whatever you need while having someone watch your stuff. PeerStorage is a safe way to keep your vehicle for long-term storage!

Parking Spaces:  Vacant or unused parking lots are listed on a PeerStorage peer-to-peer marketplace to allow individuals searching for a storage unit to come across the right property in the ideal neighborhood.

Convenient Locations in Your Neighborhood: You can also come across several convenient locations in neighborhood that offer storage spaces. Some of the hotspots to look out for are:

  • Seattle
  • Tacoma
  • Olympia
  • Bellevue
  • Everett

Why PeerStorage Makes Finding Storage Near You Easy?

PeerStorage is an online peer-to-peer marketplace that is the Airbnb for Storage space. It allows property owners to generate additional passive income by making use of their properties to monetize by renting their extra spaces like parking lots, storage spaces, garages, storage sheds, RVs, and others. In addition to this, it is also possible to find cheap and convenient storage spaces in a particular neighborhood.


Everything is coming more online, especially due to COVID shutdowns. It’s easy to Google search for storage facilities and spot them on your drive to the grocery store. Search for storage units on Sparefoot, PeerStorage, or and find the storage space near you with the requirements you need!

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