Basement climate-controlled storage space in Lakewood

In order to access the basement, you have to go through a door that is lockable and down a flight of stairs. The entrance to this basement space is also lockable.



Basement climate-controlled storage space available in Lakewood. This is a basement space on the bottom floor of our house which we do not use. This space is very secure with no access from outside so your belongings will be safe. The door to access the area is lockable and the door to access the basement is also lockable so your stuff is secure. We are often home and do not need to access the downstairs area.

Please feel free to reach out and send a message through the “Introduce yourself to the host” on the platform. We will be happy to answer any questions you have.

*Since this is a large space we are willing to negotiate on price so we can accommodate your needs. We can negotiate depending on the sq. ft. of the belongings you need to store. We also reserve the right to rent the additional space our to similar storage renters looking to rent the rest of the basement space*


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