Closet storage space in Lakewood

  Harmony Pl SW

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  • Access Times: 8 AM – 5 PM
  • Reference Number: #4549
  • Space width x length:



  • Climate-controlled
  • Pet Free
  • Secure Locks
  • Active Duty Service Member or Veteran Owned

About this listing

Closet storage space is available in Lakewood. We are not using our extra closet space so we figured someone could use it more than we do. This closet is secured through a locked door to the basement and to the room and is very secure. This closet would be perfect for someone who needs some extra room for their shoes, clothes, products for an e-commerce business, or has extra household goods. You can stack a lot of stuff in this closet space if you need so feel free to message us what you have!

We are happy to watch over your stuff and keep it safe and secure. We are a loving, retired family and we would love to help people in our community with their storage needs.

Doorway: 4 ft.

Height: 7 1/2 ft.

Width: 4 3/4 ft.

Length: 5 1/2 ft.

How to access space

These shelves are located in our basement. The door to the basement is lockable and very secure. In order to get down to the basement, you will need to go down a flight of stairs and the shelving is right there.


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