Our Commitment to Our Customers


Storage within a home, behind locked doors. Security is our biggest priority. We pledge to protect what matters most for both our hosts and renters.


Knowing the person storing your items with full communication through our service. We request hosts to submit drivers license, emails, phone numbers, and a list of items being stored.

Cost Effective

Low rental rates are always fixed. No hidden fees or variable rates like typical storage units. 100% of each rental payment goes to the host!


Direct communication with hosts and renters will be provided through our platform, while also having the ability to view the space being offered before move in. Storing with people you can trust!


Bringing neighborhoods and people together through a win-win storage solution for both the host and the renter.


Redefining how we do storage by relying on technology to assure safety and integrity of our customers, resulting in a stress-free storage experience. Finally!

Average Home Size

The average size home is 2,623 sq. ft. Double what it was in 1950. Our goal is to utilize every sq. ft. of every home and eliminate the need for more self-storage development. We want to turn your extra space into extra income for you and your family.

How Much Space Do We Actually Use?

We regularly only need about 1000 sq. ft. Less than half the size of our average homes. Not only is our living spaces getting larger but the amount of space we actually use is only half of the space we actually need. PeerStorage offers property owners with the opportunity to create value from the extra space they never use.

Create Value

Turn your home into an asset that also brings financial benefits. Use it to generate income, help your friendly neighbors, and build relationships.


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