Large 2 stall garage 20ft x 23ft

  1020 Topping Street, Saint Paul, MN, USA
Jessica K

Listing Details

  • Access Times: 24/7
  • Reference Number: #9129
  • Space width x length:



  • Private Entrance
  • Work Space
  • Secure Locks

About this listing

Large 2 stall garage. Perfect for storage. Electrical works inside. No heat. Big door does not work. Renters will have their own keys for back door lock and deadbolt. We are within a mile of Como park and zoo, and also within a mile of University Ave. And the freeway.

We ask 1 very simple yet important rule. ALWAYS shut the gate behind you. The door to enter the garage is inside our fenced in back yard. There will be times our dogs are outside. So please be mindful of the puppies and make sure the gate is always closed and latched!!

Jessica K

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